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CAFT, founded in 1999 in Haiti, is a 
recognized Public Utility registered
with the Ministry of Social Affairs. Its 
goal is to help improve the quality 
of life of Haitian women, men and 
children by developing capacities
using a dialogue approach to 
education. Together with Partners 
for Prosperity they provide teacher 
training services in the most in need 
areas of Haiti.
The Centre for Learning and Transformation / Centre d’Apprentissage et de Formation pour la Tranformation (CLT / CAFT) has established a mission to train and apply innovative and transformative education programs for formal and non-formal education agents, striving towards positive attitude and behavior changes
that benefit and support the Haitian population, particularly the disadvantaged, in its struggle to overcome urgent educational and environmental challenges. Parallel to its work in formal education, CAFT responds to expressed needs and interests by providing training in a variety of non-formal thematic areas: principle-based leadership and governance, development for children, leadership skills and environmental awareness for youth, parental education, health awareness, and HIV/AIDS prevention, participatory learning and action (PLA), early child care and stimulation, nutrition, etc.
‘Grande Sœur,’ Grand Frère’

Big Sister, Big Brother

In response to the interruption to education caused by the earthquake Jan 12, 2010, CAFT created an emergency response program in April - May and June to assist children who were not in school to continue their education.



Through the dedicated efforts of youth in Vancouver Island, Partners for Prosperity raised $2000 to help CAFT hold the extra training and duplicate materials for this special program.


Together CAFT and its partners created temporary learning centres. Six high risk demographics were placed into these temporary sites with the goal of placing them in regular classes by the fall.


The temporary learning centre needed trained people to operate it. CAFT trained 20 volunteer participants with CAFT produced learning materials and supplies.


Twelve of these volunteers are working in five areas of the Port Au Prince, teaching approximately 240 temporary students. 


Another 20 volunteers were trained in the city of Lilavois.


Current CAFT Programs

  • Development and refinement of teacher training modules.
  • Facilitation of teacher training sessions.
  • Further development of children’s basic education activities and workbooks.
  • Collaboration with the Anis Zunuzi School.

Contact Information: 

Linda Gershuny, CAFT
(509) 3458-1530
[email protected]