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Sawa Global


Sawa Global works to support and replicate the locally designed and successfully proven projects of unsung leaders, Sawa Heroes’, in the world’s poorest countries. ‘Sawa Heroes’ are individuals who live under less than one dollar per day or less, but have found their own innovative solutions to champion their communities out of extreme poverty.


Sawa Global supporting a Sustainable HaitiPartners for Prosperity helped to coordinate the Sawa Global team on their last trip to Haiti. Through their vast network they found them accommodations and put them in touch with future ‘Sawa Heroes’.  Partners also teamed up with local students to raise funds to buy video equipment for Sawa Global’s partner Cine Institute, the only film production school in Haiti. 



Helping Hands For a Sustainable Haiti

Helping Hands for a Sustainable Haiti brings together resources and people to help the Haitians rebuild their lives one step at a time. Our focus will be on community based recycling, sustainable and disaster resistant shelter, developing sister school partnerships, and supporting green school (re)building.
Lisa McFadden, the founder of Helping Hands for a Sustainable Haiti, has years of experience building sustainable communities. She has over 20 years of experience in sustainable construction and environmental design. McFadden’s background in eco-friendly design and her humanitarian work with a Ghanaian non-profit continues to inform her work in Haiti.  Helping Hands works with Partners in various ways. McFadden traveled to a school Partners for Prosperity is working on. McFadden provided an architectural assessment of L’Ecole Mixte Petit Coeur de Jesus, after the devastating 2010 earthquake. They are also working to build new composting toilets and a community garden.
“In my opinion, Haiti does not need endless teams of ‘professionals’ coming to their country to tell them what to do. They need compassionate global citizens to share their experiences and knowledge, so they can build a better and brighter future for themselves. In the midst of the darkness of any disaster, there comes the light of knowing how much we are all a part of each other. Helping others is not a burden and shouldn’t be classified as one. Looking up the definition of sustain in the dictionary was enlightening.”  - Lisa McFadden.