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Many groups came together to learn about each other and to create a better Cowichan Valley.

One Collective for Youth

You the Youth 

As young people, we see a lot of lame things around Duncan. A tiny skate park, orchestra music blaring at the bus station, and a general lack of excitement in our town are just a few of the issues that older folks seem to ignore or even enjoy. So here's the deal.    We've got a chance to make our Valley a bit more bearable for the time we're here. With a bit of fundraising (not bottle drives, we mean business) we're planning to come together and decide what needs changing around here.       

Contact: Email: [email protected]

Facebook : Pedro Banman    


Aboriginal Film Festival   

Youth FX Workshops & Awards  join us for 3 days of film workshops filmmaking,  acting, dance, editing, music & movement

April 15 - 19, 2010, Cowichan Theatre

Film Festival Entries:  

Call out to student and youth filmmaker’s categories for aboriginal and non aboriginal youth. Compete for scholarships and recognition awards in a number of categories   

Youth Empowerment Project:

Youth outreach in schools and communities to support youth interested in creating films. Look for our film nights this fall. Evenings of thought provoking, entertaining and cultural films from Indigenous youth and emerging filmmakers worldwide.   

Contact: Michelle Staples

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.aff.cowichan.net

Phone: 250-746-7930  


Cowichan Intercultural Society Youth Projects

Brings together youth and caring adults from diverse backgrounds to share leadership in building a more welcoming and inclusive world: Starting with our homes, neighbourhoods, schools and communities in the Cowichan Region.


  • Inclusive Leadership Adventures and Facilitator Training 
  • Youth Group-open to everyone a chance to get involved in service and community activities.
  • Community Dialogues

Contact: Linda Hill, Linda McDaniels, Ray Anthony,           

Youth Projects Phone: 250-748-3112 

Website: www.cisduncan.ca                                                                                


Community Options Society

At community Options, we offer a wide range of programs for youth age 13-19 and their families. Our goal is to give clients a safe, non-judgemental environment-one where they can discover their strengths and learn to make healthy choices.   

  • Individual and Family counselling
  • Parent-Youth Meditation
  • Independent Living Parenting Workshops/Young Parents   


Address: 200 Cowichan Way, Duncan

Phone: 250-748-0232

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.coscowichan.ca    


Bike Shop/ Craft Corner  U-Fix-It

Brings bikes to the community!  Dave Ehle and the U-Fix-It Bike Works crew in Duncan like to think they're cleaning up the Cowichan Valley, one backyard at a time.  The U-Fix-It program is open to anyone and there are no costs involved. "Someone could come in here penniless and leave with a bike,"  Ehle said.   

Drop off your used bike or check us out on Trunk Rd.    

Email: [email protected]    


O.U.R EcoVillage 

Come be part of a sustainable learning community and model ecological living site located in beautiful Shawnigan Lake! Learn what your community is doing for the environment and get involved!   

Contact: Brandy Gallagher

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 250-743-3067

Website: www.ourecovillage.org    


Partners for Prosperity

Connects people and gives opportunities for youth to offer service to their community. Find out what other groups are doing, participate in meetings and events that bring groups of youth together and design training and workshops that develop potential and serve the community.   


  • Working with Youth to develop Community Service Projects
  • Working with Youth to develop Capacity through Training

Contact: Garth Schmalenberg

Phone: 250-815-5323

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.partnersforprosperity.org    


House of Friendship Hiiye’yu Lelum

The Hiiye'yu Lelum (House of Friendship) Society provides health, social, recreational and cultural services to promote individual, family and community self-reliance.      

  • One on One  Counselling
  • Youth Drop in: Thursdays from 4-9 and Fridays 4-10  
  • Y.I.P  Youth Inclusion Program

Youth Program for 10-14 year olds in fun, supportive and socially positive activities. Services include Life skills, communication, self esteem, anti-bullying and school based outreach   

Contact: Thanya Al-Saadoon and Robert George

Address: 205 - 5462 Trans Canada Highway

Website: www.hiiyeyu.shawbiz.ca

Phone: 250-748-2242

Email: [email protected]    


One World Youth Dance Theatre  (OWYDT)

A continuation of the Maxwell Dance Workshop, One World Youth Dance Theatre invites all youth who are passionate about social change and have a passion and love of the arts.    

Contact: Jessica Thom

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 250-710-6531     


Youth Drop in 

We empower youth to feel comfortable and willing to access our programs and other community agencies, and will aid in making positive life choices. We offer  safe, supervised environments, provide resource information, and support existing community organizations   


Address: Island Saving Centre, 2687 James St 

Phone: 250-746-0420 or 250-746-0417  

Website: www.cvrd.bc.ca    


Canada World Youth

The Cowichan Valley will be hosting a group of 18 Canada World Youth volunteers (ages 18-24) from Mozambique and across Canada from Sept 7 to Nov 30, 2009. This allows the youth an opportunity to learn about the region as well as the local lifestyles and cultures. This year CWY volunteers will contribute over 4500 volunteer hours in the community.

Contact: Kim (Kxx) Citton and Nazir Mugas

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.canadaworldyouth.org

Phone: 1-250-815-0929     


Cultural council 

The NAIG games created such a profound impact on all people throughout Cowichan Valley; a council has been formed to discuss ways to keep the momentum of bridging and relationship building going.    

Contact @ Jenn George                                                    

Website: www.walkofthenations.ca