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Executive Directors Statement - by Garth Schmalenberg PDF Print E-mail

The goals of Partners for Prosperity are: Focused in their approach, yet broad in their  learning; Deep in their search for answers, yet expansive in their implications.



After having many years of successful projects, our goal is to systematically apply what we've learned in a structured approach to learning and action. We will start first with a few of our projects and a few volunteers to reflect, research, plan and implement a cyclic methodology which progressively engages populations in their own learning, helps them to become catalysts of their own success, applies a welcoming acceptance of what they can offer as services, and respects the cultural context of their projects. In taking this approach we create an environment of accompaniment and empowerment for all participants to benefit from.


What we learn will be recorded in our on-line discussions and programs and our facilitators will be trained in everything we learn. But more than that, we invite everyone into the learning and sharing process. There is no exclusion. More than just learning, we aspire to put every bit of that learning back into meaningful action. 


Our actions, while focused entirely on the creation of a prosperous world, recognize that simply solving the economic issues won't solve the deeper divides of racism, cultural and religious intolerance, gender inequalities, lack of education, or many of the other hindrances to the establishment of prosperity. 


It requires a global vision and yet it is not beyond our capability. It recognizes that we have yet to learn what we can achieve. It requires a determination that many have, until now, failed to muster and yet sees our failures merely as steps to success.


It is through the combination of engaging everyone who is willing to be engaged, seeing all religions and cultures as a force for good, engaging fully the capacities of the corporate world, understanding the absolute requirement for the empowerment of women, supporting the essential establishment of freedom of choice underpinned by spiritual and material education, and through the patient, peaceful and cooperative engagement with the governments of the world, that we will ultimately succeed in our goals.


We must always look forward to our collective success by walking together in a path of service.



We hope you Join Us... Be a Partner for Prosperity

Garth Schmalenberg